Announcing Platform Protection for the Trust community

Platform Protection!

We’re excited to announce that platform protection is now available to the Trust community. Platform protection helps businesses if revenue is impacted by a major tech platform outage.

So how does this work?

First off, there’s no lift for individual businesses. Platform protection is free and businesses are automatically eligible at the four month anniversary of activating their Trust card. If an outage occurs at Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snap, Twitter, or Pinterest, and revenue is significantly impacted, businesses will receive credits to their Trust account.

Why are we doing this?

We fully understand the importance of these platforms to businesses and believe that businesses shouldn’t randomly be penalized if a platform suddenly goes offline. Platform protection is another way businesses in the Trust community can focus on growth, and grow smarter.

Anything else?

Yes: we hope you’re having a great start to the holiday shopping season! We know it’s the busiest time of the year, so we’ll stop here. If you are a current Trust cardholder you can reach out here if you have any questions and would like to learn more.

If you are not yet a community member but want to start using Trust, you can request access here.

- The Trust Team