October 6, 2021

How they're growing smarter: Facebook is the lion’s share of our ad spend. Going into Q4 our primary focus for Facebook is to highlight a maximum of 7 of our best sellers in our creative. We recognize the necessity to really focus on the products that have established themselves as the best selling products over the last 12 months. By focusing solely on our best sellers, we can be very intentional in our offer testing. As a result, we will truly be testing creative, value proposition angles, and offers for products that have demonstrated mass appeal.

Company: CADOGAN

Founders: Cadogan Price

Mission: To help men celebrate in style with conviction and connection

For all new products, we will only launch these products through our organic, email and SMS channels. The reason for this is because the demand for these products is not yet confirmed. By including new releases in our Facebook Ad Manager, we are increasing the risk of inefficient ad spend by focusing on products less likely to convert. Therefore, solely focusing on best sellers on FB and then solely launching new products via email and SMS will increase our marketing efficiency ratio across all marketing channels.