Trust raises $9M seed round, launches card + community

James Borow
August 11, 2021

Today we are officially launching Trust, a corporate card + community that was built to help startups navigate the digital economy.

We started Trust after spending several years at Snap building its advertising marketplace, where businesses now spend billions of dollars each year. We saw firsthand how digital advertising platforms like Snap, Facebook, Google, and Amazon can help businesses find new customers, accelerate growth, and increase profits. At the same time, we saw numerous businesses struggle when navigating these ad platforms because they are opaque, volatile, closed marketplaces (aka walled gardens) where customers have an inherent lack of visibility and control.

Legacy businesses are the prominent beneficiaries of these walled garden dynamics: they are perceived to be more creditworthy, enabling them to get preferential pricing and payment terms, and they use this buying power to access better data and support from the ad platforms. Startups, on the other hand, lack this leverage and are left to operate at a distinct disadvantage. We started Trust to help level the playing field.

The Trust card + community

Trust is a “community” corporate card for a startup’s marketing investments. Our goal is to create an environment where startups can get better buying power and leverage one another to make smarter marketing investments.

Here’s how:

Every startup on Trust receives a virtual corporate card that can be used at all the major advertising platforms. The Trust card increases a startup’s buying power by up to 20x while also providing 45-day payment terms on all their marketing investments. Startups that use the Trust card also get access to the Trust community, unlocking:

  • Market-level performance data across the major digital advertising platforms
  • Visibility into aggregated and anonymized trends from within the Trust community
  • Advice and discussions on best practices from trusted businesses and industry experts
  • Curated news tailored to each startup’s specific marketing strategy

This community-driven view of how startups are collectively investing in marketing allows Trust cardholders, for the first time, to gain transparency into the walled gardens. With Trust, startups can get the financial flexibility and insights usually reserved for the biggest players.

$9M seed round

Along with the launch of the Trust card + community, we are announcing our $9 million seed round. We are grateful to be backed by Lerer Hippeau, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Manta Ray, Upfront Ventures, and Upper90, along with some incredible angels and advisors.

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