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Alexa Leigh
October 7, 2021

Making jewelry started off as a creative outlet for Alexa Meyer, but for more than a decade she’s been able to scale it into a successful business. Alexa Leigh is a contemporary jewelry line based in Miami with roots in Aspen and New York. We caught up with Alexa to size up how her business is growing smarter.

Founders: Alexa Meyer (CEO)

Company: Alexa Leigh

Founders: Alexa Meyer (CEO)

Mission: Alexa Leigh launched in 2010 with the intent to create sentimental value behind each piece. Designed for everyday wear, our jewelry is highly customizable and meant to last.

How they're growing smarter: We are extremely proud of our completely female owned and operated business, and are constantly looking to scale in smart and efficient ways. Much of our success has come from being open to new opportunities, regardless of what they look like. While we are a jewelry brand at heart, we love to say yes to partnerships, charities, and new growth avenues that may be a little outside our own box. We don’t say “no” until we’ve done our due diligence! Similarly, we encourage our (small, but mighty) team to always bring their own ideas to the table, and vocalize where they see a need for process improvement.

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