Tea Drops
January 12, 2022

Sashee Chandran is the founder of Tea Drops, whose mission is to "create magical tea moments that connect you to what’s important." Tea Drops won the Community Cheer giveaway, and we caught up with Sashee to learn about her 2022 growth strategies and how Tea Drops is utilizing Trust:

What is your company’s mission?:

We create magical tea moments that connect you to what’s important.

What is a growth strategy that has worked for you recently?:

With rising paid acquisition challenges this past year, one unexpected windfall was our partnership with Hello Kitty last year. The intersection of a fandom brand like Hello Kitty and our unique teas coming together in this collaboration, helped us create out-of-the-box content and reduce our overall CPAs during a very challenging time.

What is a growth focus of yours for 2022?:

Continuing to shift spend away from high cost channels and into SEO, smarter affiliate management, TikTok, and influencer marketing.

Is there a particular ads platform that has been a winner for you?:

Facebook and Instagram is still the boyfriend that we can’t quit :) However, we are seeing some traction on TikTok, especially since our teas are so visual and so the prospects there are very exciting to us.

How did you hear about Trust?:

We heard about Trust through my friend Shizu, founder and CEO if Apothékary. She is an amazing entrepreneur whom I admire a lot

How would you describe Trust to another founder who is thinking about joining?:

A no brainer for a DTC brand. You help us spend smarter and extend our cashflow at the same time.